Student Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from Alain’s current online composition students.

Alain has the ability to take what seems like abstract concepts and complex ideas and turn them into tools for writing music. It’s a deep level of understanding that Iv’e never experienced in 23 years of playing music. He has a high level of knowledge and skill and he knows how to pass on that knowledge to anyone willing to work for it.
~ Kenneth Schulte, San Diego Ca.


I have had the honour of taking lessons with the film composer Alain Mayrand for a few years now. He is a composer with a lot of experience to share with aspiring composers.

In his teaching he always takes time and to clearly explain each important fact in composition, orchestration, production and business in film scoring. He explains the lessons in an easy to understand way, with up to date information and material.

His warm personality, intelligence and humour always come through in his teaching and one of the things I really appreciate is that he always takes time to listen to the student and at the same time has a structured goal in mind to develop the student to his fullest potential.

I can highly recommend him to students of all levels.

~ Eivind Rossow, Oslo, Norway

The amount of knowledge that Alain possesses is AMAZING. I found his teaching style simple yet concrete….from my experience some teachers tend to be focused orientated on just information yet very little application. I find that he balances both worlds.

But most of all, what Alain has that a piece of book or a website in the internet will NEVER EVER have is EXPERIENCE. This is the type of guy who clearly loves teaching music, is passionate about seeing his students grow, whilst being the type of person who keeps evolving himself.

The great thing about Alain is that he’s able to relate to me in an emotional level through his experiences and that for me is priceless…there are not a lot of teachers who can do that and I PROMISE you’ll never find t. He has shared very radical perspectives with me beyond just the normal music lessons that have really opened up my mind which I will forever be grateful for…

In the end, I highly recommend Alain as a teacher. He teaches more than just information…Alain teaches you tools, skills, principles that I know I will use as a composer for the rest of my life.

~ Pacifico Magno, Australia