Comforting Skin Session Video

A short video from the scoring sessions for “Comforting Skin”. Music composed and conducted by myself. You can read more about it on this “Comforting Skin” page right here.


Silk Boy Score Available!

I’ve been asked quite a few times if my score for Silk Boy was available for sale. And by score I mean the written score, not the recorded soundtrack. Well, now it is!

Go ahead and click and this link and take a minute to check out the score samples with audio imbedded courtesy of Issuu, it’s very cool.



New Comforting Skin soundtrack review

Alan Rogers over at Reel Music just posted a very eloquent and insightful review of my “Comforting Skin” soundtrack. I know this soundtrack won’t be for everyone (unless you already love Schnittke, Pendercki and Crumb!) but Alan clearly took the time to listen to the score and really understood it.

One of the stand-out tracks of the album, “The Arrival”, signals the movement of the score away from melody and into dissonance. Scurrying tremolo strings, off-kilter piano chords and other avant garde effects herald the appearance of the tattoo and its true “identity”. It’s a very effective cue that imbues the tattoo with a character of its own and the majority of the remainder of the score wallows in this dissonant soundscape, emphasising just how much of the main character’s world is dominated by the insidious body art.

I invite you to take a minute to read this very smart review.

Thanks Alan!


First review for Comforting Score soundtrack

Randall Larson over at has written the first review of my score for Comforting Skin. It is very well-written and insightful, a great review.

Mayrand’s score imposes a claustrophobic atmosphere of gloom and despondency, shifting between very poignant melodies and jagged, atonal orchestral colors that reflect the character’s growing sense of despair and self-destruction.

…it’s striking textural depth and interesting orchestration make it a fascinating sonic excursion here on its own.

Read review here.

Buy the Comforting Skin soundtrack over at Screamworks records.